The history of the Gimbrere Family now is also available in print in English. The contents of this book (77 pages) correspond largely with the contents of this website as it stands by the end of 2019.

The book is well illustrated and attractively designed, hardback cover, 77 pages. It is produced as print-on-demand. The (Dutch) publisher, however, currently has no facilities to take online orders from abroad. Therefore, books can be ordered through us or one of you direct Dutch relatives.

If you wish to receive one or more books, please send an email to: with your full mailing address and the number of books you wish to order. Upon receiving your order, we will e-mail our full bank account information and the amount due, so that you can carry out the transfer.

The book price is EUR 24.  This corresponds with USD 27; with AUD 28 and with £ 20.00

The international mailing costs are unfortunately fairly high, as given in the table below:


Country: UK (£) USA (USD) Australia (AUD)
No. of books
1 8 35 52
2 11 38 55
3 – 5 13 38 55

The international transfer of your payment will incur additional costs (USA and Australia). The standard option is shared cost, which will add EUR 5 / USD 6 / AUD 8 to the total charged by us, and app. the same amount to you on executing the transfer.

As soon as we have received your payment, we will order the book at the publisher, who will mail it directly to you.

If you find these costs too high, we can mail you the PDF version of the book, which allows you to have the book printed locally.